About Forward Facing

Our world overflows with negative energy: cynicism, depression, despair. I work to add positive energy, building up home, reinforcing passion and growing creativity. The big challenge: doing so without wallowing in over-sentimentality.

Society, business, culture, music and art…so many elements of life are impacted by the social evolution and other pieces of the technological revolution. In a dynamic and changing world, we can either change deliberately, towards goals, towards progress, or we can be the victim of societal evolution. I choose the former.

Exploring way to be effective and create positive change within ourselves and the world around us. I use a combination of poetry, essays, music, photos and videos, along with many years of organizing and assisting executives, teams and organizations to utilize their resources most effectively, garnering the greatest impact.  To paraphrase Stephen Covey: I seek the win-win and the path to interdependence.

I focus on living life with a long-term vision, seeking continuous growth, ensuring each day enriches my mind, body and soul. And seeking a path that positively impacts my family, friends and community. I’m focused on quality, vision and finding elegance and beauty, embracing a life with a long-term vision, developing sustainable solutions; sustainable over generations.

Please come join this journey here.

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