2010 Prius – CNET Review

2010 Prius – CNET Review

We love our 2005 Prius, so I naturally gravitated to this video. Makes the car look nice, though I think the lack of an iPod dock (beyond just an aux cable) is bad. Of course, they offer Bluetooth streaming, so you can play your iPhone tunes through the stereo, which is great. I still am waiting for a car to have a usb port that you can connect with mp3’s and skip the portable player altogether.

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One thought on “2010 Prius – CNET Review

Aaron BurkhalterPosted on  2:10 pm - Jul 17, 2009

Fun! I especially like the solar panel.

I am, however, waiting for something that plugs in. I really want a hybrid that only runs gas for long distances when necessary.

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