Zoe Keating: Effectively Engaging Fans

I’ve been a fan of Zoe Keating for years. Besides enjoying her music greatly, I’ve also been very interested in the way she interacts with her fans. She’s used today’s social media landscape exceptionally well to build her brand, and a career as a musician within a very unique niche.

Her main tools for engagement are:

What’s a bit more surprising to me are the tools she doesn’t use. Her YouTube channel is pretty spare, and not recently updated. Considering how much I’ve heard about video being “the” thing, looks like she’s experimented with it and has moved along. Now, if you search for her music there, you’ll find tons of videos, but that’s mostly uploads from fans, interviews and such. Also, her music has been uploaded to Vimeo, but, again, not by her. So, she’s present in the world of video, but not deeply so.

I’m also surprised she doesn’t have any campaigns on Patreon nor on Kickstarter. Now, her music is available on iTunes, Spotify, and many other online services. So she might not feel the need to have these income streams. Other musicians and artists in similar styles and viewpoints use them quite heavily, like Amanda Palmer.

Considering all that, it’s important to look at which of these avenues is the most profitable to her. As the chart below shows (created by the folks at Business Insider), most of her income comes from iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon.

Graph of Zoe Keating's income sources
A look at Zoe Keating’s income sources

* Some thoughts on Fanbridge: I imagine it’s a great tool, and it is competitively priced. But it’s important to point out that Mailchimp is quite a bit cheaper, at least at the start. I also wonder if it interacts with any specialized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools. That would certainly bump up the value of Fanbridge. Mailchimp plays well with several CRM tools. Also, some of the serious competitors, like Constant Contact or Salesforce have those tools fully baked in. With that, I’m unaware of Zoe using any CRM tools. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t, just don’t see anything.

Lastly, Ms. Keating speaks some to these points in the video below. Worth your while.

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Comotion Labs, Friends And VR’s Potential¬†

A friend of mine is working out Comotion Labs here in Seattle. Sunday afternoon, I got a tour of the space and an update on his projects. 

This for me thinking about VR and the cool stuff that’s coming down the pike. 

So elements are easy to predict. Things like entertainment, gaming and porn will in the first wave of adopters. Having the past several years in real estate, I see all kinds of potential disruption in that sector. Virtual tours have massive possibilities with VR. 

One thing I’m not hearing about, but that hit me this weekend: engineering. The ability to conceptualize a space will be immense. I see an amazing change simply being able to rotate an object in space. It will also make equipment training much better. Brings able to see all the pieces of a project will radically help operators.

I see medical possibilities, and so many other possibilities. Within 10 years, our lives will be radically different. It’ll be fun getting there.