A Saturday In The House

A Saturday In The House

I get a bit rummy when I spend all day in the house. However, there are those days where it’s not to be helped. Between this blasted cold that seems to be the latest team-building exercise at work, a project due on Thursday (Visual Basic class at Edmonds Community College), and a general malaise, I’ve been sitting here watching the sun move across the sky from my couch.

Days like this leave me in a foggy mental state. At some point I always need to get outside, no matter how ucky I feel. I’ve pondered this before, but never figured out the mechanism at hand. This didn’t affect me during my years of submarine service. However, the sub was quite a bit bigger than my humble condo. Perhaps it was the manic busy-ness. Anyway, though I’ve not completed anything I wanted to, I’m about the abandon it all and get outside. Whether a drive, a small walk, or sitting in the backyard in the mud, I’m getting out.

Carl Setzer

I'm a poet and blogger from Seattle, working to build a more just, compassionate and connected community. Seeking to magnify the good, the positive as a counterpoint to all the negative the world dishes out now.

2 thoughts on “A Saturday In The House

Aaron BurkhalterPosted on  7:16 am - Feb 1, 2009

Did you make it there and back again?

I’m assuming of the three options you presented that you went with sitting in the mud. how was it?

CarlPosted on  7:26 pm - Feb 1, 2009

My nickname was Frodo, not Bilbo!

Anyway, I was able to find another option, heading to the beach in Edmonds.

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