Blog Thoughts

Blog Thoughts

I’ve been toying with the notion of getting a custom domain for this site. Some ideas:,,, Of course, is already taken.

Carl Setzer

I'm a poet and blogger from Seattle, working to build a more just, compassionate and connected community. Seeking to magnify the good, the positive as a counterpoint to all the negative the world dishes out now.

2 thoughts on “Blog Thoughts

digitalzenPosted on  9:55 am - Jul 17, 2009

I'd go with That way you can tie it to a Google App as Or try "setzer. — seomething" and the whole family can have personalized addresses. GApps gives you 100 for free.

CarlPosted on  2:53 pm - Jul 28, 2009


Good thoughts, as always. I'll see if there's a setzer.something.

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