Career shift: one quarter in

Currently, in working in the residential construction sector. It’s been fascinating to apply my project management skills in this setting. Now, it’s only been a few months, and I’m only just getting my feet under me. 

It’s been great to see several of my interests align. Some of my work at Starbucks encompassed green building, and here’s an opportunity to take that to a different level. Technology and the tools therein there have some powerful implications, opportunities that I don’t see leveraged well…yet. 

Finance within this sector has been one of my learning thst I didn’t expect. The was money moves is a bit different than with larger companies. And within other sectors. 

I really appreciate the opportunity to take in something so dramatically different. Yes, there’s a lot of layering my old learnings, lots of synergies. But this sorts of shifts really provide an opportunity to grow. 

I’m looking forward to getting to grow past learning and into making a difference, into effective leadership.