The ebb and flow of progress 

We come so far, and snap back so fast. Will we ever defeat humanity’s ugliest elements? Will the brutally broken hearts heal? Perhaps our lust for power, domination and cruel madness satiated, and others allowed the simple grace of existence. 

I dream of a better world. Free of cruelty, rage and brutality. I don’t see the path there. I have faith it exists, though, so must continue to search. Such is the doom of the hopeful. 

Domains and Such

One of the first blogs I launched was this little WordPress hosted thing: Questionsall.WordPress.Com. About a year ago, after an extended period of neglect, I brushed off the site and made it the center for my poetics. It’s been growing nicely ever since. I’m rather proud of it, and want to take this project much more seriously.

I hadn’t done much with it besides the basic design from ages past, so I decided to brush up things a bit. Now, though, I want to update the domain, however, I’m not sure what to choose. I own and could just port that over. Or I could try something like PoetsJourney or things along that line. I’m not sure what I like best yet. So, if you have any suggestions, leave me a comment or send me a tweet or fire up a smoke-signal or…. Your opinion matters and I’d love to hear from you.

Hmmm…maybe I’ll build a poll. Hmm….

Today’s Haiku

I seek compassion,
Please let the gentleness flow
From my marrow’s core 

Inhuman humanity

This is puzzling:
Why it is humanity
That’s most inhuman?

An Evening

Sunlight fades; colored bursting glow. 
Never to eek out more than a breath
From my imagination. Slightly glorious 
Fading into night’s uniformity.

Force: A Haiku

Water gracefully
Gently wearing down mountains
Strength, freedom of force


Awesome company
Growing my dearest friendships
A delightful life

A Wednesday Morning Haiku

Joyously brutal
Sinister satisfaction
Crushing all delight


This haiku particularly pleased me.

Light drifting through trees
Dancing wildly through the leaves
Springtime calls my dreams


A haiku

This sums up my feelings about life right now. Seen lots of frustration, fear and anger today. I wonder how to move forward. That’s often the bold challenge, seeking to move past animosity. 
Today’s anger spent
I seek to make things better
Progressing forwards.