iPad and other glories

iPad and other glories

Perhaps I’m the only Macfan that’s not gaga over the iPad. It’s an interesting idea, but I’m just not sold on the concept. For what it offers, I think it would be valuable (to me) at a much lower price-point. Say, < $100. Then I could conceive. Heck, if it were $200 I would be sorely, SORELY tempted. But not $500. It doesn’t offer me much more than my iPhone. And I almost never use my Sony eReader (if the Mac version of the desktop software actually worked with it, then I might use it more). Anyway, if the iPad had handwriting recognition, or could do more with photo editing…I don’t know.

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4 thoughts on “iPad and other glories

jlibPosted on  1:07 pm - Apr 17, 2010

I agree. Besides alleviating eye strain it doesn't seem to be worth buying. I like my iTouch and it, too, is steeply priced. So, I'm sticking with my late-adoption style. It has served me well so far. Love the idea of handwriting recognition. Then I could take notes at a meeting and not look like I'm texting.

digitalzenPosted on  11:39 am - May 11, 2010

I can see it damaging the netbook market substantially, if they can get the price down a bit, but it's no more a desktop substitute than my Droid. Just easier to read.

digitalzenPosted on  11:41 am - May 11, 2010

I would add: what still amazes me is that the companies that sell these things (iPhone, Droid, etc.) persist in calling them "phones." By now, you'd think some marketing genius would have come up with something that describes them better.

digitalzenPosted on  11:51 am - May 11, 2010

Oh. And even $249 netbooks support Flash and Silverlight.

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