Real Estate Toolbox

With over 1/2 decade of experience in the real estate sector, I’ve complied a number of tools that help me in this business.


  • CondoCerts: a significant number of HOAs use them for the required Condo Demand. Always a good idea to see if the association in question is on this site.

HUD Homestore

  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) homes underwent foreclosure, and the bank then redeemed the FHA insurance on the original loan. The property then gets transferred to HUD, which sells the house in the local market.
  • If you’re buying a HUD home in Washington State, the asset management company who’s selling it is BLB Resources. This page is for their Washington State specific forms.

Market Insights:

  • Google Real Estate Index: The Google Real Estate Index tracks queries related to “real estate, homes, apartments, realty, Florida, Zillow” and so forth.

License Renewal Sites: