One thing I would love to see: an Apple tablet PC. Apple’s interface is so much nicer, the device more stable, and Apple has some great handwriting recognition software in the form of the old Newton OS. They would make a more elegant machine. One that used bluetooth to connect a keyboard to the device, as opposed to some bizarre contorting screen/keyboard.

I also think that a device that blended a pda with this would be cool. The true converged device, which allows for separation. I would like this set up to have a Treo that integrated nicely (again, bluetooth) for modem access. It would have an Airport card for Wi-Fi access.

So, that’s my dream for the great Santa of Cupertino.

Carl Setzer

I'm a poet and blogger from Seattle, working to build a more just, compassionate and connected community. Seeking to magnify the good, the positive as a counterpoint to all the negative the world dishes out now.

2 thoughts on “thoughts

jlibPosted on  12:42 pm - Mar 16, 2010

Just happened to click on your archive and ran across this post. Sounds a lot like the iPad. 🙂

Carl 2.0Posted on  4:51 pm - Mar 21, 2011

Why, yes it does. I must be prescient!

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